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Jenna has extensive experience working with individuals and families who are affected by trauma. Her approach to therapy utilizes a holistic approach with an Internal Family Systems (IFS) perspective, incorporating mind, body, and soul care.

Jenna’s practice has a main focus on sports and performance psychology. Jenna works to help athletes, coaches, and professionals consider how their emotional, physical, and mental aspects are dependent on each other to achieve optimal performance in whatever discipline they are pursuing.

Jenna's other main focus of practice is walking alongside therapists who have chosen to work on aspects of their own lives. This is work that can be challenging, deep, and very meaningful. This focus of practice is one that Jenna really enjoys and she admires and respects those who choose to enter into this space.

An area of special interest Jenna has is to help those dealing with medical conditions. This includes preparing for and/or recovering from medical procedures, dealing with ongoing pain, sports injury recovery, infertility struggles, and coping with emotional challenges that are often present alongside these conditions.

Jenna focuses treatment across settings on helping client's navigate and achieve full mind/body informed consent before having a medical intervention, starting/changing medication, or engaging in any type of treatment they are considering pursuing. This interest developed out of a number of her own personal experiences where she discovered exploring both a mind and body approach to gain full informed consent, led to a positive impact for her both emotionally and physically. This positive impact held true when engaging in mind/body repair where this consent approach had not been considered prior to a procedure or treatment was engaged in.

The purpose of navigating full mind/body informed consent is to consider your nervous system as you make decision about your care and honor the emotional and psychological aspects of engaging in care and treatment for yourself. Considering mind/body informed consent will help you decide and choose what is truly right for you, which also impacts the success of the treatment you choose. Jena also works to integrate and address mind/body repair for previous procedures/medical interventions where full consent may not have been gained by your system.

Jenna's goal in therapy is to create a relationship where she can help you learn more about yourself and the Self inside all of us that is calm, clear, curious, and connected. The work is focused on identifying and building trust and connection to parts of you that exist in your life that may currently impair success at meeting goals you have and impact your overall functioning. Work together will center on helping you identify present challenges and blocks, help you reach your optimal performance goals, and facilitate healing and wholeness that is Self-led and unique to you.

Jenna is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 19 years of experience in providing Individual, Family, and Couples Therapy. She has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Bethel University and a Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary. She is a Level 2 trained IFS professional and incorporates this model into all her work with clients. IFS is an evidenced-based therapy. IFS is an integrative process that involves mind, spirit, and body work that is truly honoring to all parts of you.

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