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We will work to create a relationship where I can help you learn more about your Self & the parts of you that exist in your life. We will work together to identify your challenges & I will work to facilitate healing & wholeness that is Self led and unique to you.

The model of therapy I use, Internal Family Systems (IFS), is integrative between mind and body, is evidence based, & is honoring to all parts of you.


Jena provides trauma informed counseling from an Internal Family System (IFS) lens. Specialties include trauma recovery, infertility & recurrent grief & loss challenges, perinatal & postpartum anxiety and depression struggles, help with life transitions, parenting guidance, & faith based counseling. Jena's also has a focus on sports psychology and helping athletes and coaches consider how their physical, mental, & emotional aspects are dependent on each other to achieve optimal performance.

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Jena offers organizational consultation services related to establishing healthy clinic practices with special attention on care & development for team members. Additional consultation services include training & development of compliant paperwork forms & clinic practices.

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Third Party Reproductive Evaluations

Jena provides ASRM compliant Psychological evaluations/consultations for gestational carriers, egg donors, egg & sperm donor recipients, & intended parents to complete Third party reproduction psychological clearance requirements.

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Jena is an AAMFT approved supervisor & offers supervision of the supervisor for professionals pursuing AAMFT supervisor status, as well as supervision for Mental Health Practioners pursuing licensure.

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New Clients: Please reach out via the contact form for new client inquires. 

Existing Clients: Please click on the link below to see availability for 60 or 120 minute sessions and chose the appointment you would like.

Third Party Consultations & Evaluations: Please click on the link below and select a 60 or 90 minute appointment per what session is needed to complete the requirements for your clinic or agency. (See below for specific appointment information)

Egg or Sperm Donor Recipient Consultation - 60 minute appointment

Intended Parent Consultation - 60 minute appointment

Egg or Sperm Donor Evaluation - 90 minute appointment

Gestational Carrier Evaluation - 90 minute appointment 

Joint Known EDR/SDR, ED/SD, IP/GC consultation - 60 minute appointment

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