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This Journey

We will work to create a relationship where I can help you learn more about your Self and the parts of you that exist in your life. We will work together to identify challenges and move towards facilitating healing and wholeness that is Self led and unique to you.

My work with clients combines Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Brainspotting, for an integrative process that works with the brain and body and focuses on nervous system integration. This is a deeply effective and evidence based approach that is honoring to all parts of you.


I provide trauma informed counseling from an integrated 

Internal Family System (IFS) and Brainspotting lens.

A specialty focus area of my work is working with therapists who have decided to engage in therapy to navigate aspects of their lives.

I also specialize in performance and sports psychology. In this I work to help professionals, businesses, athletes, and coaches, consider how physical, mental, & emotional aspects are dependent on each other to achieve optimal performance.

My other specialties include trauma recovery, injury and pain recovery, infertility struggles, help with life transitions, & faith based counseling.

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I provide IFS consultation for those looking to learn more about the model or expanding the use of it in their practice.

I offer organizational consultation services related to establishing healthy clinic, business, and athletic organization practices.

There is special attention placed here on overall care & development for team members. 

IFS Coaching

I provide IFS coaching/wellness sessions for those outside of Minnesota. 
IFS coaching can offer a range of benefits to individuals looking to enhance athletic and professional performance, achieve goals, and improve their lives.
This is a holistic coaching approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It is different from other types of coaching that may focus more on one aspect of an individual’s well-being, such as physical health or career development.
IFS coaching emphasizes a non-judgmental approach to self-exploration, where you are encouraged to develop a compassionate and curious attitude towards the parts of you that comprise you.
It also focuses on personal growth and self-discovery through gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.

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I am an AAMFT approved supervisor & offers supervision of the supervisor for professionals pursuing AAMFT supervisor status, as well as supervision for Mental Health Practitioners pursuing licensure.

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New Clients: Please reach out via the contact form for new client inquires. 

Existing Clients: Please click on the link below to see availability for 60 or 120 minute sessions and chose the appointment you would like.

Third Party Consultations & Evaluations: Please click on the link below and select a 60 or 90 minute appointment per what session is needed to complete the requirements for your clinic or agency.

When filling out your information for a Third Party Consultation or Evaluation, please also include you partner's information as well (if applicable). Also please specify if you are in a 'Known' situation - currently in a relationship with the other party vs. 'anonymous' situation - never have met before. You have the option to choose a 'Known' appointment if this applies for you.

See below for specific appointment information.

Egg or Sperm Donor Recipient Consultation (Known or Anonymous) - 60 minute appointment

Intended Parent Consultation (Known or Anonymous) - 60 minute appointment 

Egg or Sperm Donor Evaluation (Known or Anonymous) - 90 minute appointment

Gestational Carrier Evaluation (Known or Anonymous) - 90 minute appointment 

Joint (Known) EDR/SDR, ED/SD, IP/GC consultation - 60 minute appointment

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