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Sports Psychology


Jena works with all types of athletes, teens and adults, as well as coaches, to address their optimal performance and well-being. She also examines developmental and social aspects of sports participation, along with systemic challenges associated with sports settings and organizations. Jena considers both psychological and physiological aspects for athletes and collaborates with a team to address these factors.

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Jena uses Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help athletes and coaches discover what may be getting in the way of achieving optimal performance, along with the impact of such on their general well-being. Her approach is quite different from Cognitive-behavioral techniques that are often used in sports psychology.

This work together includes collaboration in session to help identify parts of you that become activated which in turn impact your performance. We engage with such parts, work with them in a way that decreases activation, and ultimately move towards complete healing.

This allows clarity and confidence to achieve your goals for optimal performance and overall healthy well-being.

Sports Psychology: Inventory
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