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Performance/Sports Psychology


I work to help all types of professionals, athletes, and coaches identify and address challenges and blocks that keep them from achieving their optimal performance and well-being.

Some common examples of these challenges are struggles with anxiety, fear of failure, insecurity, unhappiness, confusion, and lack of trust in yourself and your decisions. Some of these challenges may be driven by your own life experiences and some may be further complicated by common systemic challenges associated with your professional or athletic organization. Both of these factors are considered and focused on during our process together.

I explore developmental, physical, emotional, and social aspects that may impact your performance goals. This consideration of both the psychological and physiological aspects of performance allows a process to unfold that has a holistic view and response. Your engagement in this process leads to enhancement of your overall performance and well-being. 

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How we get there

I use Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help professionals, athletes, and coaches discover what may be blocking them from achieving optimal performance in any area. In addition we look at how these things impact their general well-being.

This approach is different from other types of therapy or coaching that may focus on one aspect of an individual's well-being such as physical health or career development.  

IFS also emphasizes a non-judgmental approach to self-exploration, where you are encouraged to develop a compassionate and curious attitude towards the parts of you that comprise you, to ultimately gain clarity in your life. 

This process includes collaboration in session to help identify parts of you that become activated, which in turn impact your performance and well-being. We engage with such parts and work with them in a respectful and validating manner. This decreases activation, creates movement out of patterns that have been stuck, and ultimately helps you move towards complete healing.

This healing allows clarity, confidence, and ability to achieve your goals for optimal performance.

It also moves you into a place where you experience change and movement that impacts your overall well-being.

Performance/Sports Psychology: Inventory
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